So what: Mommies and Daddies

With Prop 8 and DOMA making appearances in the Supreme Court, the anti-same-sex marriage crowd has been a bit louder than usual. One recurring theme is the idea that it is best for a child to have two parents of opposite genders. For the sake of argument, lets say that this is indeed the ideal arrangement and that having two parents of the same gender isn’t as good.

How is keeping same-sex marriage illegal going to help make sure that kids grow up with both a mommy and a daddy?

It’s not like banning same-sex unions is going to encourage gay people to go out and find someone of the opposite gender to marry. It’s already illegal to marry someone of your sex and plenty of people live together with a partner of their gender, including raising kids with them. Marriage as a legal institution offers certain benefits, but as a social institution it’s viewed as being primarily for love and love is rarely pragmatic. So we can either have same-sex couples raising kids with the benefits that legal marriage provides or have them raising kids without those benefits, but they’re not going to go and ‘choose’ to fall in love with someone of the opposite gender for the sake of getting married, or they’d already be doing that. These children aren’t growing up in mom-and-dad homes today, so saying that such an arrangement is ‘ideal’ is irrelevant–clearly only recognizing opposite-sex couples isn’t enough to make sure that kids are being raised by such couples. All opponents of same-sex marriage are doing is denying some families legal benefits that other families already enjoy.


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  1. Its not going to change what people claim it will change.


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