One more year, one less store

I often don’t understand why people think they can get away with some of the stuff they try. The contraception mandate that’s going into effect tomorrow has provided a slew of those. Religious organizations I can understand, though I’m still a little divided even in those cases (because lets face it, when you start exerting that sort of control over your members you’re shifting from ‘church’ to ‘cult’). Secular wings of religious organisations are more iffy, because as bad as it is to dictate what members of your own church do, it’s worse to try and dictate what people outside of your church do.

And then I hear that Hobby Lobby is about to be ‘fined into oblivion’ over this. Yup, starting tomorrow they will be hit with fines of $1.3 million a day for failure to comply with the new law. On one hand, I can almost respect that sort of dedication to a cause. But lets look at the facts here.

1) HL is not in any way, shape or form a religious organisation. Its owners may be religious, but that does not make it religious any more than my being Catholic makes my car Catholic.
2) Related to point #1, their employees are from any number of religious persuasions, including those belonging to none at all. If an employee has a problem with contraception, they don’t have to use it even if it’s covered, but those who don’t are being denied something they’re legally entitled to based on a dogma they don’t follow.
3) That $1.3 million figure represents 13,000 (Edit: fixed my math) employees would would find themselves out of work should HL indeed be ‘fined into oblivion’. Because the economy isn’t bad enough, I guess.

I don’t know how likely point #3 is, as I have no idea what HL’s finances look like. Part of me hopes they can absorb the loss. The economy doesn’t need more people out of work, the employees certainly don’t need to be out of work, and maybe that money could go to something more worthwhile than the bottom line. (Though either way, the employees are getting shorted in some manner). And it’s not exactly news that the owners base some of its policies on their religious beliefs. So if it does go under I won’t exactly miss it. Still, I’d rather they just fulfilled their legal obligations in the first place.


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  1. agree. this whole thing is making me bad.


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