My childhood was messed up

You ever go back to something that you loved as a kid–book, movie, etc.–and find your adult self wondering, what the frick?

Last week provided me one of those moments when I managed to find some old Looney Tunes on TV. Like most people, I grew up watching and loving these cartoons. One of my favourite ones was Pepe LePew, seeing that poor cat trying and failing to avoid him, with him being blissfully oblivious to her obvious disinterest in him (nevermind that she was, you know, a cat and not a skunk). I know I found them quite amusing as a child, which today disturbs me almost as much as the cartoon itself. Because as an adult, I can’t see that as anything other than sexual harassment. My fond memories found themselves intertwined with a sickening “who the hell thought this was appropriate for children?” reaction.

Not that today’s media is necessarily any better. Twilight gets hit hard with criticism largely because of its popularity, but with good reason, and rather than being a comedy, it goes one step further by making the dysfunctional romances (and lets face it, pretty much all of the romances are messed up in one way or another, between sneaking into a girl’s room, falling for a newborn and the good old “he hurt me but I still love him” scenario) seem romantic. If we’re laughing or sighing at these things in fiction, we’re probably going to have similar reactions when we come across them in real life, trivializing serious boundary issues and safety concerns. And these aren’t aberrations, they’re par for the course in the media we consume. Love doesn’t conquer all, especially when your partner is controlling or abusive, and being persistently pursued by a guy isn’t funny, it’s at best annoying and at worst scary and dangerous. But these are the messages we receive starting from childhood, and they leave us completely unprepared to deal with anything other than the textbook ideal relationship where you’re madly in love and are never in conflict. You know, the types of relationships that pretty much never happen in real life.


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