These are not the nations you are looking for

So it’s been a week since the election and while most coverage is now over, the fallout from right-wing voters, candidates and pundits is rather interesting to watch. From claims that Romney lost because he wasn’t conservative enough to lamenting the loss of the white majority, it’s been both a predictable and revealing week. It’s been hard to pick out what’s been the funniest reaction, but people claiming they’re moving out of the country tops my list. Why? Because it’s usually to Canada or Australia, countries that–along with most western nations–skew further left politically than the US. Just talking about Canada: there’s stricter regulations on firearms, socialised medicine, same-sex marriage nationwide, and far less emphasis on religion just for starters. The only place where I would say Canada is more conservative than the US is in broadcast regulations, and even that is arguable given I know there’s been issues with certain Degrassi episodes. Since the country is so close to the US both geographically and culturally, it’s often the first comparison given in political issues, with conservatives often arguing against mimicking their northern neighbours. So why would this be the alternative to living under a Democrat president?

I could just say that it’s all about gut reactions for these people anyways, and to a large extent I think that’s the case (especially since most of these people will stay put), but I want to dig a little deeper. See, there’s a problem for these people and it’s that other countries that are English speaking and primarily Christian–however nominally–are all more leftist than the US. I think Canada and Australia get thrown out as possible refuges because they’re large, English-speaking countries outside of Europe, and in the case of Canada can be gotten to by car. That’s the only explanation I can think of, because if you listen to conservative political positions then moving to those places makes no sense. They don’t like the way the US is heading, but there isn’t another country closer to what they want than the one they’re already living in. There’s no where they could actually go that wouldn’t involve giving in on at least one of the ‘problems’ they see with the US.


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  1. All the more funny that if they tried they would be booted at the border, because dollars to donuts they would leave first and discover that there is paperwork involved at the gates.


  2. Posted by Little Magpie on December 11, 2012 at 4:50 am

    Re: Canadian broadcast regulations: I don’t know if it’s more restrictive, just different. The common wisdom up here is that Canadian broadcast censorship is more strict about violence, and US broadcast censorship is more strict about nudity and sexuality. (Because, you know, those tender young minds are going to be far more warped by bums and breasts on display than by gratuitous, gory violence) /endsarcasm


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