Signal Boost

A bit of outside reading for ya this week.

First is the book The Autoritarians by Bob Altemeyer, which is available in a free PDF. Although not truly about politics, it does explain a lot about politics in the US right now, or more accurately right-wing politics in the US. It’s a much shorter read than the page count would suggest.

Second is a feel-good story about a group called Bikers Against Child Abuse (I suggest having tissues nearby while reading). Although the name makes it sound like a group of activists, they actually provide support for children who have been abused, helping them to feel safe again. From the article:

A child who has been abused by someone bigger and stronger knows too well what it feels like to be small and vulnerable. BACA shifts that balance by putting even bigger and stronger people – and more of them – on the child’s side.

If you find yourself thinking that there’s no hope left for humanity, this should fix that.


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