An Honest Answer

I’m upset over something. I need to talk to someone, anyone, get it out. But who? I don’t have any close friends, no one who ever really seems to care. And I certainly can’t bring it up out of the blue, can I? Oh look, Dave is online. Maybe I can talk to him…

“Hey there. How’re you?”

“Fine, what about you?”

Yes, an opening!

“Not bad, except…”

No answer. Oh no, he doesn’t care does he? I neeeeeeed to talk about this to someone, I need to know I’m not alone and he doesn’t care, doesn’t want to hear it. I should know by now. This is how it always goes. No one cares. Just shut up and keep it to yourself. They answer they’re looking for is ‘fine’. It doesn’t matter what’s really going on in your life, if you’re not remotely fine, the only acceptable answer is ‘fine’. “How are you?” “Fine.” That’s it. Don’t bother deviating from the script, it’ll only get you disappointment. Bottle it up, don’t bother other people with your problems, they don’t want to hear them.

A few years later…

“Hey, how was your day?”


“Why do you never tell me anything?”



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